Performer, Producer, Art director, Inventor, Advertainment Creative... and of course Musician, Bulbul was former original founding member of popular spanish bands The Refrescos, Def Con Dos and Los Petersellers, and became a pioneer of live house percussion performances alongside top DJ´s.

He started out internationally as a MINISTRY OF SOUND percussionist in their 98 tour, and now, 15 years later, has ended producing his own electronic musical for theaters. In the meantime he has toured the world with his gadgets and drums together with the best producers and DJs around the most exclusive clubs.

His shows offer an irresistible combination of traditional percussion instruments with alternative controllers built by himself such as a midi cajón, drum screen, Laser harp, broom bass and most of all, his amazing Superkid 3.0, a MIDI exoskeleton which tracks his movements and plays music according to them.

Between shows, he spends his time on creating his own music and shows, apart from more hybrid instruments. He is the founder and co-producer of the theatre company YLLANA and of the SENSORMEN musical show, a great mix of humour, percussion, electronic music and technology with over 250 acts performed all around Spain and Europe.

Through DRUM STORMING, Bulbul can act as a creator, artist and producer of all kinds of events.


DRUM STORMING develops, produces and puts on shows that mix music, technology and rhythm. It’s a great form of Entertainment in corporate events, product presentations, tours and parties. We work alongside clubs, event marketers and worldwide promoters.

Drum storming can perform in any kind of event, context or scenery. Big or small, every event is tailored from the ground up to fit the clients’ needs, what they are trying to communicate and their budget.

Drum storming works with the latest motion sensing and software technology, featuring a wide variety of artists with very different professional backgrounds (Musicians, actors, programmers and VJs)

Thinking about a car presentation? We can turn it into a piano so that whenever a door is touched, a note plays. We can surround it of laser beams and use them as harp strings. Were you thinking about something a bit more humorous? Not a problem. Maybe you would like it to be more delicate, with classical music? We’ll make sure your audience is moved and excited. We will do it ad hoc to your briefing. We can also adapt to the amount of artists you will need. Not a problem either.